Common questions answered!

Students are matched with tutors based on subject content, grade level, age, gender (if requested), personality, as well as learning and teaching styles.
Tutors will spend the first 10-15 minutes of the session working alongside your child to organize his/her week by blocking out times for activities and by scheduling the day and time that tasks will be completed.
If at anytime, you or your student feel that the assigned tutor is not a proper match, please contact us and we will re-match your student and add one complimentary hour of tutoring on us!
You can watch a short video of each tutor on our "MEET OUR TUTORS" webpage.
This depends on each student’s personalized tutoring schedule, which is discussed during the free at-home consultation. We typically recommend that tutoring sessions take place a minimum of 2 times per week.
Yes, you will pay up-front for the tutoring package. Once payments are made, we will match your student to a tutor and arrange the first tutoring session.
We intend that all students will have one tutor for their entire package period, unless a request for a different tutor is made.
No, tutors are forbidden from accepting cash payments. Way2gradeA is responsible for paying tutors monthly for their submitted and documented hours. However, gifts and gift cards may be given to tutors to reward superb performance!
Depending on your child’s course of study, material can be supplied.
Tutoring session(s) must be cancelled directly with the tutor, with a full 24 hour notice, or session will be charged in full.
Cash, credit card, debit card, money order, cashier check, and wires are all valid forms of payment.

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